Today’s lesson

Today I´ve learned about quality improvement in health care. It all started with the desire to answer the questions: What is patient satisfaction and why does it matters? One thing led to another and as I started my search I went back in time, way back to 1966, where I met Avedis Donabedian (1919-2000). Apparently,... Continue Reading →

I am about to do…

Yet another short and quick blog post. Some of you have asked what my research subject is. Confessedly, I have to say that I will not do my PhD on pedagogy, digital media or anything that has to do with what I actually know something about. Two weeks before application due day I had a... Continue Reading →

Promise to myself

On my honour I promise that I refuse to be dwarfed by others brightness. Throughout this journey I will follow my own path. No matter how small my achievements are, I will be proud of my progress and I will continue to strive forward.  

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